Stefanie Goldstein, Founder and Principal of GoldFox Interiors, has lived in over 5 countries
and has been Designing around the world for over 10 years. Through her immersive trips and
experiences she has found good design is universal and has the intention of creating spaces
that inspire you to connect with yourself and the lifestyle you want.

She studied interior design (at The George Washington University in DC), but her strongest
experience was crafted within different stages during her trips. When living in so many places
around the world, from DC to Miami, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, she fell in love with different
cultures and ways of living and has made it her mission to help people create their Forever

That’s why she knows that designing can be overwhelming, and that maybe you are looking for
someone dedicated to helping you achieve your ideal space in both aesthetics and comfort. Her
experience allows her to create beautiful yet easy to maintain spaces where you can entertain,
have family and kids over and enjoy during your everyday life. Her clients highlight her keen
sense of style as well as her knowledge of different styles, and brands to support the intended

At Goldfox Interiors, our goal is to create beautiful spaces that are luxurious and at the same
time relaxed, functional and comfortable, so that you can find your place of belonging there.

“Working with Gold Fox was an amazing experience. Stephanie
is incredibly knowledgeable regarding design and was an
amazing guide and support in our project.

I would not consider doing another house project without hiring
them. Highly recommend,

Tammy E.”

Stefanie Goldstein

Stefanie Goldstein