One-stop shop solution for your next interior design project. Find design, procurement, project management and logistics all under one roof. We are your go-to solution for a seamless and uncomplicated experience.

Our Turnkey Design plan includes:

  • 1 hr Meeting/ week for 2 weeks. This is the beginning of the journey. In it we are going to program and and get to know each other and the project at hand.
  • Delivery of Space/ layout Plans, design boards , Materials.
  • We start making things a reality. We will be making furniture, accessories, art, finish, decorative lighting and hardware selections.
  • Decisions and approvals on Quotes, Proposals, Orders, special projects , and built in Furniture specifications.
  • Special project production, Deliveries and Installation.
  • Celebrate!


Want to remodel your home but don’t have the time or energy for a construction project? We can do it anyway, without the renovation mess!

Our Staging plan includes:

  • 1 hour introductory meeting.
  • Deliveries, 1 Project Vision Board, aka Mood Board, Floorplans, materials, Board
    Furniture Selections, 1 Rendered View Per Room
  • 2 Revisions Allowed Per Room (Entire Room)
  • Client Meetings at House + at FF&E showrooms
  • Purchasing on behalf of client
  • Installation


Do you need a small change in your home but don’t know what to do? We’ll show what a seemingly small change would look like by changing some wall colors or treatments, refacing cabinets or only changing changing decor pieces and moving others around.

This Physical plan includes:

  • 30 minute introductory meeting.
  • Materials and mood board.
  • Decisions on: Design details, materials, art and accessories.
  • Installation